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School of Music, Art, and Theatre Presents: "Tender Rough Rough Tender"

School of Music, Art, and Theatre Presents: "Tender Rough Rough Tender"

Looking for theatrical events on campus? Look no further.

“Tender Rough Rough Tender”

By Sarah Saltwick

Directed by Chad Eric Bergman

Featuring Victor Bayona and Elsie McConaughey

A play built for theatrical gestures and two performers with nerves.

It’s the hottest summer on record in Austin, Texas. Bell is at capacity, working to empty her life; Mike is trying to fill his up. As Bell serves pancakes at a 24-hour diner, she dissolves her troubles in drink – lots and lots of drink. Mike’s sorrow over losing a woman he rescued from her burning house feeds his need to conquer his loneliness and the wildfire blazing just outside of town. They meet at a party, but it takes the whole play for them to really see each other through connection, isolation, natural and unnatural disasters. TENDER ROUGH ROUGH TENDER asks us to look again at what we think we know, and asks us all to tell each other how we want to get the things we need.

Production team: Lousie Bredal, Mallory Coakley, Noemie El-Bez-Sebastien, David Goodman Edberg, Mara Franzen, Nigel Harsch, Virginia Smith, Payton Walles, Jess Wardell

April 5, 6, 11, 12 @ 7:30PM

April 13 @ 2:30PM 

$5 for students, $10 for General Admission

4/11 is Pay What You Can

Lecture Hall Auditorium

North Park University

3225 W. Foster Ave

Chicago, IL 60625

Purchase tickets at: Eventbrite:

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