March Playlist

This month's playlist is an eclectic mix of upbeat and mid-tempo tunes highlighting some of this year's blockbusters and Oscar nominees (ie. tracks from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Sufjan Stevens & Johnny Greenwood) . Best for early morning/ evening jogs and long car rides.

2018 Academy Award Predictions

There is a story beat to the Oscars and that can make it easy to predict... How this is going to work is I’m going to list the nominees in twelve (12) prominent categories and give you my “Will Win” (who I think is likely to get the award) and my “Should Win” (who I would give the award to if I was lord king of the universe and got to decide everything) with a snarky remark to boot.

When It Rains

It’s cold outside
Because the laughter is so surreal only to be hidden behind the envy of others, who also bite
their tongue in every confrontation because of fear.

February Playlist

"More often than not we love terribly; we make it all about ourselves, what we can get out of it, what conditions must be met, etc. In short, we love like the law..."


In Black Mirror's Season 4, the (Tech) Future is Female

            A woman’s place in society dominated the conversation last year. It is no surprise that Black Mirror would attempt to lend its voice to this conversation. What is surprising is the sheer effort put into telling great stories about people without making it about their biological sex.