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Mi MuM

Mi MuM

A poem written by Belinda Banh


opposite                                      ends of the house,

                         Our souls                                                   linger

sKeWeD                               navigation

             Unfamiliar with                                      home?

They slowly touch,

Slight memory of what was.

Tongue too 


While words                                                                                           insecure.

Lists are productive





I haven’t gotten to it.

Each unchecked box,

                                             Emptier than the last.

You are not caught


 You cannot catch 


 your eyes 







By boxed conversations.

I miss you.

I see us both young again

Gossiping about boys 

and laughing at childhood stories.

You’d share how the kids in 5th grade 

would call you horse shit.

I’d share how waterboarding 

is in fact not a sport.

But 26 rounds of catch and                              release 

has worn                                                          your trust

Rusted                                                         your patience

While my running led

Discoveries of                                                                                     beyond

                                                          Your belief

I did as I was told:

              I kept                                                                                                                 going

Somewhere, you ended.            And I began.


Li Lit Ly Lung

Li Lit Ly Lung

Yellow Rose Tea

Yellow Rose Tea