Our Mission


Vista Magazine was created out of a desire to bring the North Park University community a new campus publication focused on politics, religion, and through arts culture. Burned by the political culture and discourse of our time, we felt it necessary to create a space for North Park students to experience the power of generous dialogue in politics, social issues, and more.

As a publication recognized by North Park University, an institution affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church, we believe that Christian faith humanizes us in unique ways and deems us worthy of the love of God found in the person and work of Christ. It is for this reason that our Religion & Faith section exists, to explore what it might mean for a person to be loved by God.

The Arts & Culture section exists to publish creative works by North Park students; works that we believe help us experience life more richly. Having personally listened to many North Park students share their pieces of poetry and prose, we want nothing more than to share the gifts and talents that exist all around us.

Our mission is to be a platform for North Park students to share their thoughts, ideas, reflections, and creativity. Some pieces might be more personal, others more argumentative, and some more playful, but we have purposely cast our nets wide in hopes of making Vista Magazine a publication by and for all North Parkers. Join us on the journey ahead.

The Staff at Vista Magazine