Gospel Over Envy: A Devotion On Where Our Value Lies

"...apart from God’s undue work of grace in your life, calling you to faith and repentance, you would be lost in sin and confined to hell forever. With this Gospel truth there is no room for envy or boasting. Either you have the fullness of God’s love displayed on the cross, or the fullness of God’s wrath remains on you..."

Isn’t [God] the one who checks in to see if we got his message and if we’re at all free today or this weekend and if we’re okay. Aren’t we commonly the ones who have ‘too much to do’ or who shrug off sharing ourselves with anyone else when we don’t really have to

An Ode to Breaking

"I formerly would have said that North Park broke me when in actuality God broke me, which I later realized was done only to put me back together, this time, changed."