Victoria Tichá

Victoria is one of our 150 international students here at North Park. Majoring in Health Systems Management and Biochemistry, she plans to offset her career working to spread awareness and medical /technological advancements to a rare disease community like SMA in Chicago.

She comes from Ostrava, the third largest city in Czech Republic, known for its industrial advancements, festivals, dozens of castles, historic monuments. The only downside is having only two Starbucks locations. Leaving home at the age of seventeen, Victoria packed two suitcases to fly across the ocean to America wanting to better her English so much that shorty she lost her entire accent. During her time in America she has enjoyed going on trips with her friends and sharing her travel stories from Europe. Her highlight so far has been a road trip to New York, where she ordered a thirty-two inch pizza mistaking inches for centimeters. (Who needs science in the real world, right?)

In Chicago she enjoys long walk on lake front, museum visits and scouring the city in search of fun places to eat and hang out with friends. While at North Park she served as a Senator on the Student Government Association, raised a substantial amount for the North Park Fund, serves as a current co-chair on our Student Philanthropy Committee, makes solutions in our chemistry labs, and assists with our Global Partnership trips.